How I ended back pain  with this new at-home treatment.

"It's not a just TENS unit, pharmaceutical drug, supplement, or like anything I've ever tried before."
Summary: After struggling for years, I've realized most back pain and sciatica treatments only mask the symptoms and at best provide temporary relief. If you want lasting pain relief, this will be the most important article you'll read that will help you improve your lower back health and get rid of the pain for good.

            The New England Journal of Medicine found that 85% of lower back pain cases have no clear diagnosis and over 97% are due to musculoskeletal issues.

Pain was setting me back in life. It hindered my activity levels and I knew my overall health was going in the wrong direction. It affected my work, my hobbies and I was missing Important events. Heck, I couldn’t even bend down to give my grandkids a hug! That’s what bothered me the most.

I've been to chiropractors, PT’s, and tried practically every OTC and prescription pain reliever out there - you name it, I've tried it. I knew I couldn't use pain pills forever and surgery was something I would avoid at all costs.

That’s when my pain management doctor introduced me to the Olynvolt Pocket Corrective Therapy Device. Olynvolt new pain relief device uses clinically proven TENS + EMS technology to strengthen the muscles around the spine. Interesting fact I learned was that the key to relieving musculoskeletal pain is by improving the health, function and strength in the area.

All that information caught my attention and I decided to give it a it came with a 30 day at-home trial with a money back guarantee.

And, I’m glad I tried the corrective therapy device because within 3 weeks of the easy at-home treatments, my pain is completely relieved!

Try Olynvolt the Corrective Therapy Device with a 30-day money back guarantee.

Risk-free: Pain relief or your money back

Is Olynvolt Right for you?

It's important to be proactiv and address pain as soon as it appears. Approaching pain relief from a “treat the root of the problem” perspective instead of “mask the pain/symptoms” is critical to prevent or halt years of chronic pain. When you're improving your musculoskeletal health and function, damaged tissues begin to heal, inflammation reduces, and your spinal stabilizing muscles become strengthened. As a result, your pain will diminish. Reducing pain plays an essential role in your overall health and wellness.
I spent years suffering from back pain and leg pain. I was irritable, in pain, depressed, and fed up. I couldn’t sleep, enjoy my hobbies, and even play with my grandkids. Purchasing the Olynvolt Corrective device was a blessing in my life. If you suffer from chronic back pain the way I did, I highly recommend giving this a try.

 A solution to my back pain that I can use every day. My friends and family have noticed the difference in my walk, my mood, and my active lifestyle. I’m less grumpy and tend to smile a lot more. I have my life back and so should you.

Don’t let chronic pain limit your life and destroy your health. Make the change and get back to living a pain free life. Order Olynvolt today and get on track to treating the root causes of your pain. You can improve the quality of your life in just 25 minutes a day. With a one year warranty and a 30 day risk free trial, you have nothing to lose besides the pain.

Try Olynvolt the Corrective Therapy Device with a 30-day money back guarantee.
Risk-free: Pain relief or your money back
Our Testimonials

 What People Say?

"For someone who suffers from chronic migraines, the TENS massager is a life saver! I’m also obsessed with the hand massager. I feel so relaxed with the Pocket !"

Kevin Woo

Owner Operator Truck

Having used Pocket device in a non-medical setting for evaluation, I see there as very useful alternatives to hands on approaches. They are straightforward in their operation and can provide relief.

Samatha Doice

Uber Driver

My job requires me to delivery parcels for long time, so I feel sore during working hours, after using Pocket, I can also reduce the pain of my arms and neck during working hours, which is really great!

Noah Evan

Logistics Van Driver

As a new Flatbed Trucker, I often feel arm pain because of holding the steering for a long time, after my wife bought me Pocket, It is great to relieve my sourness after a long drive.

Chris Owen



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