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Santos Satterfield

"For someone who suffers from chronic migraines, the TENS massager is a life saver! I’m also obsessed with the hand massager. I type over 3 hours a day, and I feel so relaxed with the Pocket PRO!"

DR. Jalen Stamm, DPT

Having used Pocket PRO device in a non-medical setting for evaluation, I see there as very useful alternatives to hands on approaches. They are pretty straightforward in their operation and can provide relief.

Monica Conroy

My job requires me to look at the computer for long time, so I feel sore during working hours, after using Pocket PRO, I can also reduce the pain of my arms and neck during working hours, which is really great!

Elsie Raynor

As a new mother, I often feel arm pain because of holding the child for a long time, after my husband bought me Pocket PRO, I can hold the child while massaging, life is much easier!

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