Body Massagers Technological Advancements

Body Massagers Have Come a Long Way – a Guide to Technological Advancements

Sometimes, you don't want anything more than someone to give you a fantastic massage after a long stressful day at work. However, either you live alone, or those with you aren't professional enough to ease away all those tensed muscles. Moreover, heading to the salon when tired remains out of the question. So, what do you do?

You opt for body massagers for some decadent massages, of course.

Are Body Massagers Worth It?

While there is limited evidence that body massagers' vibrations and percussive therapy give the same results as hot oil or balm massage at a salon, we would still say these massagers are worth it.

Body massagers are an easy-to-use tool that can vibrate and press your muscles therapeutically and relieve their tensions. This machine will help you ease the tension build-up, improve blood circulation, and give you the mental and physical relaxation you need at home!

If you are someone who plans on purchasing a body massager but is hesitant and unaware of its many benefits, hop on below.

The Advantages of Getting a Body Massage at Home

There is no better bliss than having the liberty of getting a massage done within your home with only a one-time investment. Body massagers have come a long way, and many different types are available. However, all these different types provide these similar benefits:

Helps with Sleep

The hectic and fast-paced life we lead enables many people to remain busy and induces stress. Hence, with stress, muscle tension builds up, and many lose the ability to sleep properly because of severe anxiety and the next day's tasks.

Body Massagers come as a holy grail in such situations. They tone down the stress hormone, lower your blood pressure, calm your heart, and give you a healthy and happy sleep.

Promotes Blood Circulation

Many people do not indulge in much exercise or do not get the time to do so. Exercise is essential to improve the rhythmic contraction of muscles and let blood flow to all corners to remove metabolic waste. However, massagers can be the next best option.

Body massagers will help improve the muscle rhythmicity and enlarge capillaries allowing blood to flow in the minor corner and remove any metabolic waste.

Enhances Immunity

Having a robust immune system is essential. A good massager will help improve multiple cell levels and encourage a better and prosperous flow of lymph and bodily fluid, which will help strengthen your immunity.

Rehabilitates Injuries

The human body tends to face injuries in certain activities, leading to spasms or severe pain. While painkillers are great, there is nothing more significant than an at-home massage in such situations.

The massager will help relieve the spasms and pain.

Olynvolt Pockets – The Newest Generation of Body Massagers

The world has evolved massively in the last twenty years, and so has technology. Today the advancement we have was only imaginative two decades ago. While some fantastic gadgets have progressed, the pockets by Olynvolt take the game to the next level.

The Story

Olynvolt is a company started by a team of young and passionate individuals who believe in innovative chemistry and modern designs. The team at Olynvolt knew that with the proper thought and teamwork, they could come up with exceptional products which would benefit humankind.

They were right, though, because with the team's brain came production, the "Pockets."

The Pockets by Olynvolt – The Massager You Need

Olynvolt believes in creating the most innovative products at the best price possible to prevent you from searching around a lot and make your life easier. The Pockets is one such invention that stands on the same principle.

The pocket massagers are an incredibly unique and one-of-a-kind device that helps relieve any pain protruding from your body. The team understands that massage is essential in the stressful life we lead, and their products make massaging at home so much easier.

The pockets are a gadget that comes with small massager patches. These patches can be put on the point or position which is paining. The relaxing vibrations and therapeutic percussions it will produce will then work to ease the pain in no time.

However, while many different devices work the same, the question is that what makes our device a next-level technological advancement, right? Well, learn below.


Pockets – as the name suggests, the massager is of tiny size and hence extraordinarily portable and easy to carry. So, whether you are moving to a different country, traveling for a few days, or staying at someone else's house. The massager won't be difficult to carry with you.

TENS Mechanism

Suppose you have used several massagers but feel they do not give the results or relaxation like the ones at a chiropractor or physical therapist. In that case, ours will make you change your mind.

The Olynvolt Pockets work on Transcutaneous Electric Nerve Stimulation. The technique is what many chiropractors have incorporated for over 30 years, and now you can achieve the same results at home.

Long Life Pads

The Olynvolt contains pads that are long-lasting and reusable. One massager patch can be reused up to 30 times before it is time to use a new one. However, there is another advantage. The pads can be refilled by Olynvolt and made available again for us for only 10 dollars. So, what is not to love about this particular body massager, right?


The human body wears out on many occasions, and massages are a requirement and a desire when one feels burnt out, or muscular tension builds up. While going to a chiropractor or massage specialist isn't always an option, making a one-time investment and buying an at-home body massager will work best for you.

Olynvolt understands the need and hence introduced their pockets to you. So, suppose you are in search of some high-quality massagers which are not only fantastic to use but the new face in technological advancement. In that case, we are what you need.


We'll share more on TENS use and how to keeping a pain-free, healthy life!