How could Olynvolt Pocket help with Exercise Recovery?

The Olynvolt Pocket is a portable massaging device that is easy to use and can be transported in your pocket and on your person at all times. This device is beneficial for muscle aches and pains in hard-to-reach spots. You can bring it anywhere and use it anytime you need it. 

How can this benefit those who exercise?

Exercise is something that once you start, you are likely to continue forever. You may take breaks every once in a while, but once you get the habit, it never leaves. This means exercising through pain sometimes and taking breaks when pain comes. You do not always have to take breaks when pain comes. As you exercise, especially for muscle growth, your muscles will develop microtears and be sore 12-24 hours later. This soreness can hinder you from being unable to complete the next workout, or if nutrition is not great, then for the next couple of workouts. If nutrition is excellent, along with rest and cardio, you will build more muscle and be less sore over time. The better your nutrition and rest, the sorer you can be, but things like heat/cold therapy, stretching, massage therapy, ice, and OTC pain medicine. You can not completely get rid of muscle soreness. Still, for soreness specifically, you can get rid of most of your soreness by combining stretching, heat/cold therapy, and a massage device like the Olynvolt Pocket. The Olynvolt Pocket is perfect for massage sessions on the go. This device will help your muscle soreness by increasing blood and oxygen flow to the muscles and decreasing lactic acid build-up. The lactic acid build-up gives you the feeling of a pump while working out and is one of the leading causes of muscle soreness. Stretching and muscle massages decrease lactic acid build-up. 

What about pains that aren’t soreness

Working out can also bring the risk of injuries, no matter how small. Injuries also need increased blood flow and oxygen to heal quicker and healthier. Movement and massaging are medicine rather than heat/cold therapy. Heat and ice should be used sparingly with an injury, as heat and ice can hinder your healing ability. Using movement by doing rehabilitation exercises along with manual massaging or using the power of a massage device can increase your healing ability and make sure you heal correctly and quickly. Olynvolt Pocket uses Transcutaneous Electrical Nerve Stimulation (TENS) in a small compact device. This means that the Olynvolt Pocket device can be used in specific spots comfortably and can be used anywhere without a problem. You can also charge it using a USB cable, and it doesn’t get any more convenient than that! 


We'll share more on TENS use and how to keeping a pain-free, healthy life!