The Most Portable Massage Unit 2023! Olynvolt Pocket REVIEW

The Most Portable Massage Unit 2023! Olynvolt Pocket REVIEW

What do you think it is? It looks like a big charging case for wireless earbuds. However, in fact, it is a portable personal massager. We have tested many different massage guns and the TENS Unit, but this massager looks something new.

It is called Olynvolt Pocket, and today we are going to test it.
You know, this device uses TENS technology, or transcutaneous electrical nerve stimulation. We will also talk about efficiency of TENS to relief of chronic pain or sore muscles in this article.



When you buy Olynvolt Pocket, you get it in a box like this.

There is only the image of the product and its name on the front.

On the back, we can read some specifications.

Inside the box, there is a user manual, a pocket charging case, and USB charging cable. When you open a case, you will find two massager device units, and two organic replaceable pads.



Before we talk about massage units, let’s take a look at the charging case.

First, it is made of very pleasant soft plastic. The dimensions of the charging case are 95 x 60 x 45 mm. The weight is 100 grams.
There is Olynvolt logo on the front of the case, as well as a USB Type-C port at the bottom.

When you open a case, and take a massage unit from it, you will see the power indicators. Four indicators mean a full battery charge, while a single indicator tells you to put the case on charge.
Talking about the main massager unit, it has a magnetic clasp to attach it to the massage patch, like that.

It also has charging contacts, as well as control buttons, such as power on/off, strength minus, strength plus, and mode.
Overall, the Olynvolt Pocket is made very well, and it looks like expensive medical equipment. However, the most important thing is a pocket-size of the charging case. You can take it everywhere with you. The case even fits in a jeans pocket!


How to Use

OK, now, let me tell you step by step how to use Olynvolt Pocket.

So, first, you need to remove the massage patches and main massage units from the charging case.
Now, connect the main units to the patches.

The next step is to tear off the protective films of the massage patches, and patch them on the parts of your body that will be massaged.
By the way, it is better to put back the protective films into the charging case to prevent them loss.
OK, now, press the power button on the main unit.
Using the minus and plus buttons, you can adjust the massage strength. There are 16 grades of intensity available.

Olynvolt Pocket also has six massage modes, such as pounding, kneading, intelligent, soothing, scraping and press.
When you want to finish the massage, press the power button on the main unit, remove the patches from your body, and attach the protective films back to the massage patches.
Do not forget to put the main units and massage patches to the charging case.
That’s all!

By the way, in a user manual I found that the best locations for massage are shoulder, waist, back and limb. The prohibited massage positions are throat, abdomen, chest and head.



Talking about battery of Olynvolt Pocket, the charging case has a capacity of 450mAh, while a single host battery capacity is 60mAh.

You can use a single massage unit for 4.5 hours on a single charge. Depending on your body part, you can use one or two massage units.
A total battery life with a charging case for two units is 27 hours.



Now I want to share my impressions of the Olynvolt Pocket.
You know, I was mostly testing massage guns that use vibration therapy or percussive massage treatment.

Olynvolt Pocket uses a completely different technology. It is called TENS or transcutaneous electrical nerve stimulation.

In simple words, TENS send electric pulses across the skin surface to the nerve endings of sore areas. In this way, the massager relief a chronic pain.
Olynvolt Pocket can also be used for muscle stimulation. It reduces recovery time between workouts.

I am not a medical person, or a professional athlete, so I can’t say which massager is better. However, after using Olynvolt Pocket on legs, arms, and back, I felt relaxed.

It is better to start with a low strength, and don’t attach massage patches close to the nerve endings, for example, on the lower arm. When I did, I felt my fingers living their own lives. Overall, the device works very well.

So, a portable pocket-size and a charging case like earbuds, long battery life, various massage modes and intensity, as well as effective pain relief are the main advantages of Olynvolt Pocket.

Go to the Olynvolt website now for a 30-day free trial!


We'll share more on TENS use and how to keeping a pain-free, healthy life!