tens unit electrode placement for si joint pain

tens unit electrode placement for si joint pain

When there is something wrong with our body, we feel the symptoms right away. However, the symptoms tend to be generic, which makes knowing the right problem and looking for the right solution difficult. The sacroiliac joint pain is a kind of pain felt in the lower back and buttocks. The trouble with SI joint pain is that their symptoms can mask as other different conditions. Transcutaneous Electrical Nerve Stimulation (TENS) is known to relieve symptoms of joint pain. But the challenge is finding is the proper TENS unit placement for SI joint pain to reduce pain effectively.

Damage to the joint between the spine and the hip causes Sacroiliac (SI) joint pain. A sudden fall or accident can cause sacroiliac joint pain when the ligaments become too loose or tight or have an uneven pelvis. Pocket Pro is a portable and wearable Bluetooth device that stimulates the nerves by sending low electrical impulses through the skin. Identifying the right pain points is vital in using the TENS unit placement for SI joint pain.

The Right TENS Unit Placement for SI Joint Pain

Experts endorse that the TENS unit placement for SI joint pain is on the lower back on either side of the pain area. You can place one set of electrodes above the area of pain and one set just below one inch apart from each other. Place the pads on clean and dry skin. You can turn on the device through your mobile phone via Bluetooth connection when the pads are in place. Slowly turn up the settings until you reach the right intensity. You will feel a tingling sensation when the unit is on. It is strong but not enough to cause discomfort. The muscles should not contract while the TENS machine is in use.

The correct TENS unit placement for SI joint pain can be effective as a solo pain relief or in combination with other physical therapies (like exercise and stretching). With the Pocket  TENS device, pain relief is safe and hassle-free. It is easy to place the pads on your back by yourself and discreetly slip it under your clothes. The use of electrical stimulation like Pocket Tens means you can use it as often as you want without the risks of allergic reactions or other side effects that one typically gets from oral medications. Pregnant women, patients with epilepsy or cancer, and people with cardiac pacemakers should not use TENS machines. Check with a doctor or physiotherapist for the proper usage of a TENS machine.


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