If you suffer from soft tissue injuries and chronic muscle pain, especially in the back, arms, shoulders, knee joints, and legs, an Olynvolt Pocket can be a life changer. It gently stimulates the muscles to ease cramps. It is the best drug-free way to ease the pain of sports injuries, sciatica, and other muscle discomforts.

Imagine the relaxation of a therapeutic massage when you feel exhausted after the game or anywhere, anytime. Yes! It is possible with the Olynvolt Pocket. It is an easy-to-use, lightweight, and portable pocket device. Just stick to the affected part, switch ON and relieve the pain.

How Does The Olynvolt Pocket Massager Work?

Olynvolt Pocket massager is a battery-powered TENS device. It consists of effective pads introducing electrical stimulation at a high frequency and with an adequate intensity that will not trigger motor contractions. However, it allows you to adjust these parameters according to conditions.

Olynvolt follows TENS therapy, which is highly effective for pain because the nerve stimulation keeps the nerves busy and excited. This avoids the production of other sensations. Olynvolt pads also encourage the production of endorphins, known as the body's natural painkillers. The unit is primarily used for pain control, but electrical stimulations also improve circulation locally. It can either reduce or eliminate muscle spasms.

How To Use TENS Unit Properly

Proper use of the Olynvolt unit make sure you enjoy and get the benefits the device is destined to offer. To elaborate thoroughly, we have cut it down into a few points.

Where To Place The Pads?

The thumb rule to place Olynvolt patches is near the injured area and where you feel pain sensation. You might already have an idea of the pain point, but if you feel pain in the whole area, press gently to know the right point. 

Use both pads because one will not be able to provide satisfactory results. Place both pads close but should not be touching. It is not suggested to use them on an entirely different part.

Although patients are directed to use where they feel pain, be careful not to place pads on joints or bones like your knees and elbow. These are some common places where you can apply pads in different conditions:

Foot pain: Paste pads under the foot or near the ankle and heal.

Knee pain: Apply pads to the upper and lower side of the knee.

Cervical pain: Apply pads behind the neck and switch ON at adequate speed.

Olynvolt and Acupuncture:

The use of Olynvolt catalyzes acupuncture analgesia over certain points, such as acupuncture points. Often the myth circulates about TENS devices that their pads must be applied at acupuncture points.

Acupuncture is the technique for relieving pain through micro-needling instead of medicines. Moreover, acupuncture points are pain points believed to stimulate the central nervous system. Applying Olynvolt pads and TENS over acupuncture points often gives optimal outcomes for chronic pain. Olynvolts are the best alternative to medications and invasive treatments.

Step-by-step Guide to Use Olynvolt Pocket:

Follow this step-by-step guide to use the Olynvolt device optimally.

Step 1: After getting the product, remove both massage pads from the charging case. Now install two pads with the two massage device units magnetically.

Step 2: After connecting, pull off the protective layer behind the massage pads and put them back in the charging case to avoid misplacing incidents. Attach the massage pads to affected areas such as legs, back, arms, etc.

Step 3: Press the power button shortly to switch it on. With the help of the "Plus'' and "minus" buttons, you can control the intensity level. Press the "plus" button to increase massage strength and "minus" to decrease strength. There are 16 levels of intensity. The machine will buzz twice when it reaches the lowest or highest intensity.

Step 4: The Olynvolt massage machine has 6 massage modes. Pressing 'M' will switch the mode with a single buzz. When it reaches the last mode, it will vibrate. Every time switching a mode will set the intensity back to level 1. Therefore, the power strength needs to be adjusted.

Step 5: Enjoy your massage and turn it off conveniently by pressing the power button shortly. The machine will automatically turn off after working for 15 minutes. After the massage, split the massage pads and device units. Then apply a protective film on the pads again to avoid any damage.

Lastly, carefully store all the parts back in the charging case.

What Level to Run?

After turning ON the switch, you will feel muscles jumping and twitching, but this should not become unbearable. Keep it in mind while deciding the frequency to run your unit. Continue increasing the level and that vibration until you feel the right level. Any TENS machine, including an Olynvolt, does not guide you to the right level because all levels are appropriate. It depends on your tolerance and comfort level.

Timing and Dosage:

Olynvolt body relief device is ideal when you want dynamic treatment because the effects are rapid and are maximum during stimulation. Users can leave the device on for a long period of time and should increase intensity and breakthrough. It should be adjusted before the pain becomes moderate or severe. However, you can safely use a TENS machine as often as you feel. The duration depends on the user, but one can use the device for 30 to 60 minutes up to 4 times daily.

Protocols to Adhere While using the Olynvolt Pocket

  1. Keep the skin clean and dry.
  2. The pads should be placed firmly against the skin.
  3. When starting the treatment, do not jump to a high level. Adjust slowly to determine the right frequency and intensity.
  4. After every use, wipe the sticky side with an antiseptic to maintain hygiene.
  5. After using the device, carefully put all parts back into the case to avoid misplacement.


If you often deal with light or chronic muscle pain, add the Olynvolt Pocket to your pain relief kit. It can drastically improve your quality of life and make you feel comfortable. However, remember that it does not cure the condition causing pain like arthritis tissue damage but provides relief. Olynvolt is the best device as it is easy to carry wherever you go. It will keep you fit for all chores as the device is the ultimate success in reducing muscle spasms.

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