Olynvolt™ Pocket is the most effective home appliance for pain management

So, what’s hurting you?
These are some of the areas that Olynvolt™ Pocket can treat:


Low back pain

One of the main causes of low back pain muscle and vertebrae exertion. Some forms of low back pain are due to bulging or ruptured discs. At an advanced age, low back pain may also be caused by spinal cord issues.

Upper back pain

Upper back pain is less common than other back pain. Their source can be due to two main reasons: muscle problems and bone problems.

Shoulder pain

The shoulder is comprised by the clavicle, scapula and arm bone, ligaments, tendons and muscles. Shoulder pain reduces your range of motion and can be hard to treat sometimes.

Knee pain

As we climb up the stairs, our knees are forced to carry up to four times their own weight, making it more sensitive to injuries and accidents. Due to its anatomical complexity, many types of pain can affect the knee.

Cervical disc herniation pain

A disc rupture in the neck is caused by overloads and persistent pressure on a particular disc. The disc’s fibrous rings are pushed into the center of the viscous material and may tear.

Bulging discs

The disc, made of cartilaginous tissue, resembles a ring. The discs are located between the vertebrae throughout the spine and are designed to provide us with both flexible movement and protecting the prevent spinal cord and neck from shocks.

Ruptured disc pain

The role of a disc is to act as a protective element between the vertebrae, soften shocks, and provide flexibility. The disc’s fibrous rings are pushed into the center of the viscous material and may tear, leak to the spinal canal, and exert pressure on nerve roots.

Pain in the shins and hips

The shin, also called the tibia, is located in the front and side of the lower leg and it is second largest bone in the human body. The largest bone – the femur – in the human body is located right on top of the shin. These two areas are the culprits for much of the leg pain that we may experience during our lifetime.

Shoulder Blades pain

Many factors can cause shoulder blade pain, which many people mistake for back pain. A common causes for scapula pain are muscle contractures or muscle “tightness,” though exposure to intense cold can also trigger it.
However, in rare cases, shoulder pain indicates much more serious illnesses…

Neck pain

The muscles of the neck are designed to allow the head to rotate. Generally speaking, neck pain can often be attributed to incorrect posture and working conditions, such as working in front of a computer screen for too long, but it also can due to spinal issues and other medical problems.

Plantar fasciitis

Dancers, athletes and those who stand all day long are more likely to suffer from foot pain, but plantar fasciitis can actually affect anyone. Plantar fasciitis happens when the plantar fascia becomes irritated or inflamed, which usually occurs as a result of standing too much, being overweight or obese, and in some cases to long distance runners and other athletes.

Tennis elbow

Some people call it “tennis elbow,” and others call it “golfer’s elbow,” but one thing is for sure, this sharp pain affects more than just tennis and golf players. The medical name for this condition is lateral epicondylitis, and as its nicknames suggest, it affects the elbow area.

Frozen shoulder

Frozen shoulder syndrome appears unexpectedly, and its causes are unknown. What is known is that you have a higher risk of having a syndrome if your medical history includes thyroid problems, diabetes, heart problems, and previous shoulder injuries.


Arthritis results from common joint problems, which include osteoarthritis and arthropathy (a general name for various joint diseases), and more.


Many are completely unaware of its existence, but the sciatic nerve is longest and thickest nerve in our body. Sciatica refers to the pain that shoots out from the sciatic nerve and can be felt in various areas of the body, including the legs, feet, lower back, and buttocks.

Knee cartilage erosion pain

Sometimes, due to degenerative processes in old age, the cartilages become eroded. This occurs in “accident-prone” joints that carry a lot of weight. For example, the hips, the wrists, and most importantly, the knees. The result: cartilage erosion that leads to osteoarthritis.

Pain from infections

Inflammation is a necessary process for healing and regenerating damaged tissue. Sometimes, inflammation brings pain, which serves as an alerting mechanism to let us know there is a problem and that we need to rest so the body can direct most of its energy to fighting the issue.


Fibromyalgia is a rheumatologic syndrome that has only recently been discovered and causes pain in the muscular system. It is important to note that fibromyalgia is not a self-immune (autoimmune) disease nor does it result from infections.

Shingles Pain

Shingles, also called “herpes zoster,” is a viral infection that causes dense blisters popping up across the skin in the form of a belt and causing pain. The name “shingles” raises serious concerns, but even though it is a disease that causes considerable pain, it is only temporary.

Carpal tunnel syndrome pain

While wrist pain is the most common symptom of carpal tunnel syndrome, it is not the only one. This condition is sometimes also accompanied by a numb or tingling sensation in the palm.

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