TENS – Can Nerve Stimulation Help Relieve Neck and Back Pain

TENS – Can Nerve Stimulation Help Relieve Neck and Back Pain

If you are someone who continuously faces neck or back pain, we are sure you must have Googled ways to relieve it a few times at hand, right? You must have come across the TENS procedure in your quest to find the best solution to ease neck or back pain.

We are sure that your curiosity about the TENS procedure brought you here. Well, below lie all the answers to whether TENS can be an essential relief for neck or back pain, how this procedure can be administered, and so much more. Hop on below to find out.

What is TENS?

TENS – Transcutaneous Electrical Nerve Stimulation is a small machine incorporated with a series of electrodes. The TENS is attached to your skin and works to deliver a series of low-voltage charges across the pain sight. 

The electrical impulses generated from the electrode stimulate nerve fibers on the pain sight and help reduce the pain signals shooting out to the brain.

Moreover, the generated nerve stimulation also helps boost hormones which help decrease or subside the pain levels.

How is the TENS Treatment for Neck and Back Pain Administered?

The TENS procedure is carried out by a physical therapist who generally helps relieve multiple pains in the body.

The physical therapist attaches the TENS electrode patches to the sight of pain and switches them on. The electrodes generate low voltage electric impulses and send vibrations throughout the pain.

These vibrations, in turn, generate nerve stimulation and soothe the pain by boosting the pain relief hormones, opening up the muscular tension present, and restricting the pain signals to the brain.

A few minutes of therapeutic massage by a TENS machine can improve the overall pain and give immense relief quickly.

Other Types of Pain that TENS Can Help With

TENS might not be beneficial for all kinds of pain, but it has proven therapeutic for many. Some of the most common types of pain that are effective for TENS are:

1. Back and Neck Pain

People who have a stress-induced lifestyle or are hoarded around their work desk the majority times of the day tend to develop back and neck pains. TENS nerve stimulation is one of the best methods to eliminate pain in either region.

2. Menstrual Pain

Menstruation is a reality that comes with a series of cramps and immense abdominal pain. While some women have it light, others face tremendous pain. TENS can be a great massager for toning down the monthly pain for all women.

3. Arthritis Pain

People with arthritis face severe pain, especially in their joint regions. The cause of the pain is because of swelling or tenderness in one or more of the joints. However, TENS can prove effective for those facing arthritis by bringing down their pain.

4. Spinal Cord Injury Pain

Spinal Cord Injuries can be painful, and many remedies do not help cure the pain caused by such injuries. However, three studies conducted on the influence of TENS on spinal cord injury have proven that this nerve stimulation might be beneficial in treating this injury.

5. Diabetic Nerve Damage

People with diabetes often face diabetic nerve damage, especially in their peripheral regions. Studies have proven that the TENS procedure is beneficial in easing the pain of diabetic nerve damage, especially in the hands and feet regions.

Can TENS For Neck and Back Pain be performed at Home?

While we mentioned above that a physical therapist usually carries out TENS, that isn’t the only place where you can benefit from a TENS procedure. TENS nerve stimulation can easily be carried out at home.

Several Nerve Stimulation massagers are available for carrying out a TENS procedure at home. While many home massagers are available, nothing beats the results Olynvolt provides. This particular massager is not only small enough to fit in your pocket while heading out but also gives impeccable results.

For home massages with TENS, you must attach the electrode patch to the sight of pain and let the vibration pick up nerve stimulation and do the job.

Who Should Avoid Using the TENS Procedure

While TENS has proven beneficial for several different pains and many people, some people should avoid using the TENS procedure. Who are they?

People with pacemakers implanted within their bodies are contraindicated from indulging in TENS procedures. This is because the electrical stimulation of the pacemakers can cause electromagnetic interference with the pacemaker. This can either decrease the efficiency of the pacemaker or simply can cause harmful responses in the body.

Therefore, people with pacemakers who start a TENS procedure should consult with their doctors beforehand.

OlynVolt – The Best Portable TENS Nerve Stimulator

Now that the above points prove that TENS Nerve stimulation is an excellent method to ease neck and back pain and many other types of pain, we are sure you must be inclined towards getting a TENS procedure done.

Opt for an at-home TENS procedure and invest in a great TENS massager. One such fantastic massager we can advise you to invest in is the Olynvolt Pockets

The massagers are manufactured keeping in the downsides of all other TENS massagers and give one of the best results you can find anywhere else. The small size and powerful stimulation are the two main benefits that intrigue users towards this TENS pocket, and we are sure it would give you excellent results too.


With the sedentary lifestyle we lead, developing neck or back pain isn’t surprising for many. However, with the life we lead, the pain is inevitable, and you can take measures to help relieve it.

The Olynvolt massager comes just for this purpose. It not only helps reduce your neck and back pain but also helps relieve pain on all sites. The machine is small, wireless, and pretty handy to carry around if you are someone who develops muscular pain often at work.

The reviews prove that this TENS machine is excellent, so you should also check it out.


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