The 6 Common Causes of Neck and Back Pain or Discomfort and How to cure it

The 6 Common Causes of Neck and Back Pain or Discomfort and How to cure it

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How often has it happened to you that a protruding pain within your neck or back region caused you to become uncomfortable and became a hurdle in your everyday activities? It is only then you realize what a blessing a healthy functioning body is, and you start thinking of all the ways you can cure this pain. 

If you are trying to reason why your neck or back pain is coming back continuously? Then you have landed at the right place. Below we have concluded all the causes as to why neck or back pain can occur and simple ways through which you can ease it. Hop on below.

Common Causes of Neck and Back Pain

There isn’t one cause for neck or back pain in people. Each person can get a protruding pain for an entirely different reason. Hence, not all cures that worked for one person would work for you.

Therefore, it is essential to pinpoint what caused the pain before attempting to cure it. Some of the most common causes of neck and back pain are below.

1. Sedentary Lifestyle

One of the most common causes of developing neck or back pain is our sedentary lifestyle in the current world. The present world is moving fast, and the human race is trying its best to pick up with it.

In this run, we have forgotten to indulge in the physical form of exercise, and what little walking we did, is not replaced by moving around in cars, even for short distances. Moreover, most of our day is spent hooked to our work desks in front of the computer, which is one of the significant reasons for developing neck or back pain. 

2. Aging

Our body tends to wear down as we age, and hence developing neck or back pain is a pretty common element when one is aging. Degenerative conditions like spinal stenosis – which causes wearing down of spaces in your spine, and osteoarthritis, which is the wear and tear of the cartilage in the older age, can all become a cause of neck or back pains.

Hence, taking proper medication and remedies to keep the pain in control at older ages is essential.

3. Injury

Our body is pretty tough; however, certain circumstances can affect even the body’s rough and tough composure. One such circumstance that can cause neck or back pain is injury or trauma within these two regions. How so?

Well, sudden forced movements in the neck or back region or even whiplashes can cause pain or soreness in the two parts.

4. Physical Strain

One of the significant causes of neck or back pain is physical strain. People tend to lift heavy objects or indulge in strenuous exercise, believing they can handle the weight.

However, overusing your neck or back muscles more than their capability or one wrong twist can cause severe pain in many circumstances.

5. Muscle Tension and Mental Stress

Another leading cause of neck stiffness or pain in the back region is muscular tension. The muscles in the neck or back region tend to stiffen or bunch up because of several different reasons. Some of which are:

  • Jerking the neck during exercise.
  • Wrong neck position while sleeping
  • Hurdled around a desk for an extended period of time.

However, among these causes, mental stress is a cause of muscle tension which is often neglected. When tensed, your neck or back muscles tend to tighten as a response and hence can cause severe stiffness or pain.

6. Conditions that Affect Spinal Balance

Conditions that impact the spinal balance of your body often become a reason for neck or back pain too. Some of these conditions include maintaining a poor posture, obesity or being overweight, or having weak abdominal muscles. 

Ways to Cure a Neck or Back Pain

While several reasons cause neck or back pain, a few tested methods can help relieve it. Want to know what these are? Find out below.

1. Ice and Heat Therapy

Hot or cold compresses are effective methods to soothe muscle pain in the neck or back region. Ice therapy can help with acute inflammation and help numb the pain. In comparison, after 15 minutes of ice therapy, heat therapy can boost the blood flow to the affected area to help with the stiffness and soreness.

2. Muscle Relaxants

When applied to the affected area, Muscle Relaxants cream can prove therapeutic. It provides relief by opening up the bunched-up muscles and gives a soothing effect.

3. Exercise and Stretching

Proper flexibility and stretching exercises improve the elasticity in the cervical (neck) and beck region. These movements will help open up the bunched muscles and relieve stiffness that can be accompanied by pain.

4. Olynvolt Pocket

While all the above methods are pretty effective, one beneficial, quick, and easy way to remove neck or back pain anywhere is the Olynvolt Pockets. For years, while proper massage equipment’s have been available, they either aren’t entirely effective or too big to carry around.

Olynvolt hence is made keeping these two drawbacks in mind. The massage pockets, true to their name, are small enough to carry around in your pocket. It can simply be put on the place of pain like a patch, and its electrical vibrations will help ease the pain and relax the muscles that were bunched up.

The Olynvolt pockets are a quick way to get rid of pain while at work or home and hence are one machine we highly recommend you to invest in.


Neck and Back pain can be a nuisance, and one wants to get rid of it quickly. To achieve this quick relief, while all the above remedies are great, nothing beats using Olynvolt.

The pocket massager has some excellent reviews, and we are sure that investing in one would work well for you too.


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